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“With all of the projects we have worked on together, I have found Kayt to be well prepared for the task at hand and reliable despite a sometimes varied field schedule. I also appreciated her skills in data compilation for analysis, and found her written and oral communications to be clear and concise. By bringing Kayt onto your team, you can be assured the objectives of your task will be investigated with professionalism, dedication, and respect.”

Lora McAuley, MSc., RPBio., Lake Trail Environmental Consulting Ltd.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kayt for any field biology work that may involve arduous field conditions; that requires someone who works well with others and who is strongly self-motivated with an innate passion and interest in understanding the natural world.”

Michael Force, Seabird and Marine Mammal Identification Specialist, NOAA/AMLR

“I would not hesitate to recommend Katy for future marine conservation work, particularly if it provided opportunity for her employment in this field. She is a biologist dedicated to habitat conservation.”

Paul Horgen, Chair Board of Directors, Comox Valley Project Watershed Society and Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

RPBio/QEP Rates


RPBio/QEP $/hour
Commercial 60.00
Government 50.00
Residential 45.00
Non-profit 45.00


Services Include:


Environmental Management

Construction projects are often complex and require careful planning to avoid unnecessary impact to the natural environment. Baynes Sound Environmental provides effective planning, implementation, and communications support for these projects in all phases, including Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Planning and Construction Monitoring services.

Habitat Assessment

Everyone lives and works in an ecosystem. Ecosystems vary but are essentially composed of the interactions between life forms in shared habitats (or the surrounding environment). Sometimes the physical property on which we live includes the habitat of creatures that are recognized as threatened and require protection. Baynes Sound Environmental knows how to identify key habitats and assess potential impacts, as well as design effective mitigation measures when impacts can’t be avoided.

Community Stewardship

An important part of our work as biologists is to be involved with community stewardship initiatives, either as advisors or active participants. Baynes Sound Environmental is committed to providing expertise when possible to such projects and considers it a valuable opportunity.

Kayt Chambers R.P.Bio.


Kayt Chambers is the owner of Baynes Sound Environmental and has been working as a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) since 2006, while having nearly two decades of experience as an environmental technician.

Early work experience included a series of resource management contracts in marine and terrestrial habitat productivity surveys (Riparian Areas Assessments, Drinking Water Quality Sampling, Bird, Invertebrate and Small Mammal Surveys, Salmonid Stock Assessments, Zooplankton Sampling, Amphibian Habitat Assessments, Shoreline Biophysical Assessments, Forage Fish Habitat Assessments, etc.).

More recent experience has expanded on this past work and grown to include Long-term Monitoring services for Compensation Habitat projects, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) services, Environmental Management Planning (EMP) services, Construction Monitoring, and Development Permit Application (DPA) services.

Federal Environmental Assessment Process Review

By March 31st, 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is scheduled to present the findings of a formal review of the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA, 2012). Last summer, public input was invited in preparation of this review, and an...

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